Reformatting TU58-Tapes, (was: HP Protocol Analyzers )

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Date: Wed Dec 4 20:28:00 2002

In message <m18JjCq-000IzIC_at_p850ug1>, Tony Duell writes:
>> I once got a "TU58i" Monitor-program in an EPROM that replaces the original
>> firmware of a TU58, and then should provide the ability to (re)format a TU58
> or
>> DC100 cartridge in a normal TU58 drive. Anybody ever heard of this?


>If you have the equipment, I am sure many people here would be interested
>in a dump of that EPROM...

Absolutely. Just about as good would be the algorithm reverse
engineered from it. But I can't really imagine that anyone at
HP nee Compaq nee DEC would really care about the ROM getting
out. Unless, of course, Mentec owns the TU58 ideas now...

Brian L. Stuart
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