OpenVMS VAX hobbysit CD

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Date: Thu Dec 5 10:25:19 2002

To quote from
"OpenVMS Hobbyist CD Media
The OpenVMS Hobbyist Kit V2.0 is currently available. You must be a member of
a participating DECUS/Encompass Chapter before you can order an OpenVMS
Hobbyist Kit. You can order the kits on-line via our web site, or via mail
order. At this time, OpenVMS VAX media kits are sold out. If you are still
interested in getting OpenVMS for your VAX, you may try borrowing a CD from a
friend, co-worker, local Encompass LUG, Ebay, or other places. Please note
that any OpenVMS distribution is legal to use with the Hobbyist Program (as
long as it's not stolen!)."

Does anyone have one or know an FTP site?
If one can get real DEC VMS CD's will the hobbyist license PAKs work or do
you need the hobbyist CD?
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