UK electronic scrap prices.

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Dec 5 17:05:00 2002

At 04:16 PM 12/5/02 -0000, Lee wrote:
>I know we've been through this before but does anyone
>have a handle on the going rate for scrap PCBs in the
>The reason - I've been made aware of a quantity of now
>obsolete microprocessor equipment but I'm bidding against
>the scrap man. Who knows, he may be charging for the
>removal but I'd hate to lose this to him.

   Prices vary widely depending on how much gold is on the cards but prices seem to run from just about nothing to as much as $4/lb here in the US. Even at the high end, that's about $4 per average sized board which is pretty cheap for a usefull board IMO.

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