BIG problem with my Jupiter Ace

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Thu Dec 5 17:13:00 2002

Right - thanks for the suggestions Peter (and Dwight). I've printed off your
suggestions and I'll have a look through them tomorrow. The RAMs are
soldered in, though, so it'll be very difficult to swap them. Plus the holes
and pads on the board are *extremely* tiny.
Guess I was jumping to conclusions a bit... Just out of interest, has anyone
got a spare pair of 2732s and an EPROM burner capable of burning them? Just
in case it turns out the ROMs (TI branded - getting quite warm, same as the
CPU) are frazzled, too. Earliest I'll be able to get my sticky mitts on an
EPROM programmer and some 2732s will be around the 25th (think about it)...

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