KIMplement for the C64

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Dec 6 05:49:00 2002


> This isn't a joke.

> It has a full software 6502 core, which works by distilling opcodes down
> into "safe" equivalents and running those natively to reduce the work it
> has to do. All memory access is trapped and abstracted. The 6502-on-6502 core
> is machine-independent and hopefully I can use it to do tricks like
> virtual memory, protected memory and interruptable/restartable instructions.

You are realy pushing hard for the 'All Time Weiredness Award'.

It is a bit to late for April 1st, so, Cameron you're a genius ...
any chance you're publishing the source code at one time? I'd
love to see this on a real computer :)


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