KIMplement for the C64

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Fri Dec 6 09:20:01 2002

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> You are realy pushing hard for the 'All Time Weiredness Award'.

I'm sure I passed go years ago ;-)

> It is a bit to late for April 1st, so, Cameron you're a genius ...
> any chance you're publishing the source code at one time? I'd
> love to see this on a real computer :)

What? the C64 isn't a *real* computer? ;-)

Seriously, though, the emulator core is system-independent but it needs a
6502 to run on (or an '816, I guess). To get all of the proper processor
flags set quickly, it actually does run selected parts of the code natively.
For example, an LDA-absolute is turned into two steps; first is the fetch
from emulated memory, and then that result is turned into a native
LDA-immediate and executed so I get my N and V flags set for free. I'd have
to do a lot more work on another architecture.

The Commodore One should kick butt with this, though.

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