Driving a 7805 or how else to get +5VDC reg (was Re: My first good find!!!)

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Dec 6 14:43:00 2002

> ...a 7805 1A linear regulator which needs around
> 8V to 15V to run properly.

So I was thinking about this recently... I have this 6V battery
pack that is intended to clamp to the back of a ZIP drive, allowing
it to be used away from power, say with a laptop. I've wanted
to use it for a portable source of juice for hobby projects (it
has, among other features, a built-in 110V mains plug and recharger,
making it handy to recharge), but I haven't expected to be able to
feed a 7805 at +6VDC and get +5VDC out the other side reliably.

How can I take +6VDC of battery power and get +5VDC regulated power
from it? If it matters, the currents involved will be under 1000mA,
but probably over 200mA.


P.S. - I don't mind the concept of a DC-DC converter, but I'm not
skilled enough to design one, just skilled enough to build it.

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