Morrow Designs external 8" floppy drive?

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Date: Fri Dec 6 18:20:01 2002

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> Does anyone know what system these are for? I've never heard of one
> before. I had a MD-2 and it used 5 1/4" drives. This is in a biege case
> about 8" tall x 6" wide x 20" deep. It has ribbon cable header (50 pin?) on
> the back along with an AC socket and power switch, the drive appears to be
> a FH Shugart.

It sounds like it is an external drive cabinet.

Morrow had external cabinets for single and dual 8" floppy and hard drives.
Used with their S100 systems that preceded your MD-2 series. I believe Morrow
got it's start with S100 systems.

Astoria, OR
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