Driving a 7805 or how else to get +5VDC reg (was Re: My first good find!!!)

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Fri Dec 6 18:23:01 2002

>> P.S. - I don't mind the concept of a DC-DC converter, but I'm not
>> skilled enough to design one, just skilled enough to build it.
> You don't have to build one. They are available as sealed
> "modules" with pins for gazinta and gazouta; very easy to
> use.

Three-terminal switcher modules intended to replace three-terminal
regulators are fairly expensive, around $11 and up in small quantities.
Digikey has some made by TI, page 416 of catalog T023 (Sept-Dec 2002).

If anyone wants an isolated 5V to 9V converter, I've got a huge pile
of them. I use them with a 7805 to get an isolated 5V supply.
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