Getting C64 disk images

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sat Dec 7 03:03:03 2002

> How do I get disk images for my C64 from the internet?
> Following equipment available:
> Apple ibook
> usb-> serial port
> usb 3 1/4 diskette drive
> commodore 64
> 1541 disk drive

The simplest way is to have a PC running Star Commander with an X1541 type
cable, and plug a 1541 disk drive into that.

Unfortunately, this doesn't help you much on a Mac, and (as a fellow Mac
owner) there's not too many options for this. You could try a serial
transfer by connecting the Mac's serial port to the 64's user port using
an RS-232 interface and appropriate converters, but the speed would be
limited to a max of 2400bps (unless you used some sort of UART or ACIA
cartridge) and it may not even work with your serial port device.

You could also try saving it to a 3.5" DOS-formatted floppy on the Mac,
and use Little Red Reader on the 64 to read the files off, but you'll
need a 1581 or FD-2000 to do this and that can be hard to find/pricey.

Eventually, since I have to do this often for development work and I got
given a cheap Toshiba 486 laptop, I turned it into the disk image station
and use Star Commander and an X1541 cable under DOS. Old 486 and early
Pentium PCs are so cheap these days you might as well just get one and
then it takes care of the whole problem. To get files from the Mac to the
64, I save them to a DOS-formatted floppy and sneaker-net them to the
laptop, which then saves them to the 1541 disk.

Currently there is no way to use an X1541 cable on a Mac, even with a
parallel port adapter.

> Company that sells old commodore software?

Try and -- I've
done business with Vintage Computer personally, btw, and they're very
reputable. I have also heard good things about Centsible.

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