Driving a 7805 or how else to get +5VDC reg (was Re: My first good find!!!)

From: John Honniball <coredump_at_gifford.co.uk>
Date: Sat Dec 7 06:50:01 2002

Loboyko Steve wrote:
> I'll bet it used a NiCd, which gives ~4.8 volts for
> the vast percentage of a charge - which is "kinda" in
> tolerance of most +5 logic.

I have a Microwriter that used four NiCd cells in series
to get "+5V". What's more, it didn't bother with the extra
expense of a regulator, it just used the battery. Oh, what
a crap design -- now I have four dead NiCds (a funny sized
cell, too) and a non-functional Microwriter. Pics:


John Honniball
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