Catweasel Floppy Read/Write Tools, version 3.0

From: Tim Mann <>
Date: Sun Dec 8 00:22:08 2002

Version 3.0 of my Catweasel Floppy Read/Write Tools is now available at This release adds support
for the new Catweasel MK3 PCI card. The older Catweasel MK1 ISA is
still supported as well.

Standard blurb on the tools:

The Catweasel Floppy Read/Write Tools are software for the Catweasel
universal floppy disk controller. The tools run on both Linux and
Windows 95 or MS-DOS. Source code is included under the GPL.

cw2dmk will read several kinds of floppy disk, some of which ordinary PC
controllers have trouble with, and save them in the DMK disk image
format. (DMK is a format used by the Unix TRS-80 emulator xtrs and by
David Keil's TRS-80 emulator for MS-DOS.) cw2dmk does not just read
TRS-80 disks; it can handle (at least) any disk written using a Western
Digital 177x/179x floppy disk controller, a PC-style NEC765-compatible
controller, or a Digital Equipment Corporation RX02 controller. dmk2cw
will write any DMK image back to a real floppy disk, and handles the
same kinds of disks as cw2dmk.

The package also includes the programs dmk2jv3 and jv2dmk, which convert
between the DMK image format and the JV1 and JV3 image formats. These
programs work without a Catweasel and can be useful for moving images
between different TRS-80 emulators.

Tim Mann
Received on Sun Dec 08 2002 - 00:22:08 GMT

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