Catweasel Floppy Read/Write Tools, version 3.0

From: Jeffrey H. Ingber <>
Date: Sun Dec 8 00:31:01 2002

I've been looking at these controllers on and off for awhile. What
advantages do these have over a Central Point Option Board?


On Sun, 2002-12-08 at 01:24, Tim Mann wrote:
> Version 3.0 of my Catweasel Floppy Read/Write Tools is now available at
> This release adds support
> for the new Catweasel MK3 PCI card. The older Catweasel MK1 ISA is
> still supported as well.
> Standard blurb on the tools:
> The Catweasel Floppy Read/Write Tools are software for the Catweasel
> universal floppy disk controller. The tools run on both Linux and
> Windows 95 or MS-DOS. Source code is included under the GPL.
> cw2dmk will read several kinds of floppy disk, some of which ordinary PC
> controllers have trouble with, and save them in the DMK disk image
> format. (DMK is a format used by the Unix TRS-80 emulator xtrs and by
> David Keil's TRS-80 emulator for MS-DOS.) cw2dmk does not just read
> TRS-80 disks; it can handle (at least) any disk written using a Western
> Digital 177x/179x floppy disk controller, a PC-style NEC765-compatible
> controller, or a Digital Equipment Corporation RX02 controller. dmk2cw
> will write any DMK image back to a real floppy disk, and handles the
> same kinds of disks as cw2dmk.
> The package also includes the programs dmk2jv3 and jv2dmk, which convert
> between the DMK image format and the JV1 and JV3 image formats. These
> programs work without a Catweasel and can be useful for moving images
> between different TRS-80 emulators.
> --
> Tim Mann
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