The ACE is recovering :-)

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Sun Dec 8 04:08:00 2002

Tony Duell wrote:
> Yes, that sort of thing is really annoying. Why can't useful shops be
> open on Sunday :-)
I live quite close to the Farnell Electronics trade counter. Unfortunately
Farnell stopped selling 2114 RAMs last year. Which is a total pig because a
few 2114s would have made my ?5 order up to their ?10 minimum order quite

>>>> I've got a 2114 in an old Commodore 64. I can justify pilfering
>>>> parts from it because the PSU brick blew, the keyboard is shot and
>>>> C=3D sold about a
>>> Sure...
>> Oh, come on. The damn keyboard is missing a key and most of the
>> parts in =
> I was not being sarcastic. As far as I am concerned, a dead C64 is a
> perfectly good thing to raid. As you said, they're common...
Jupiter Ace: As common as rocking horse manure
C= 64: As common as ordinary bog-standard horse manure. Or tarmac.

>>> have been published in ETI about 20 years ago, but I am not certain.
>> Hmm... Interesting. You got a copy of the article, if it was
>> published in ETI?
> Probalby, somewhere. Just don't expect me to find it anytime soon!

> What always amazes me is that both RS and Farnell still sell rub-down
> transfers for PCB artwork. Are there really companies who still design
> PCBs that way rather than using CAD systems? I mean madmen like me
> probably still do, but if Farnell sold stuff for such eccentric
> people, they'd still be selling a lot of other things that they have
> discontinued!
Incidentally, I bought some rub-on (Letraset style) PCB transfers from
RadioShack when I was on holiday in the 'States. Then a few months after I
got back I bought a Panasonic KXP4400 300dpi LED printer and some
Press-N-Peel. Now I use the PnP.

Just out of curiosity, I'm planning to get a refurbished Sony CPD-E220 17"
Trinitron computer monitor from DIGI-UK ( iirc). Has anyone
tried these monitors? Are they any good? I've used a Sony Multiscan 17sf II,
that was quite nice.

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