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Date: Sun Dec 8 07:54:11 2002

Also note that while at the Montagar site you ask for two different requests
from a pulldown menu - VMS and Layered products. The Montagar people also
told me that the hobbyist CD issue with 7.3-1 is coming soon. Currently the
web site says they are out of VAX 7.2 CDs, thus my original post. Also note
that a few third party vendors have joined the program, and you can get
hobbyist licenses from them also. Even though it says DECUS number on the
hobbyist PAK site, you can also use your Encompass US Associate number. Note
that Encompass is the HP user group, and that Associate membership is free.
There is a slightly confusing point - Encompass associate membership does not
get you restricted Encompass web site access, so you will NOT be e-mailed a
password, just your Encompass number. So once you have that, proceed to the
Montagar site.
The Montagar process is efficient; your PAKs are emailed within 15 minutes.

The VMS fans on this list should see, for example,
Process Software has a hobbyist license for some of their products. They
bought up MuiltiNet from TGV. I always though TGV was one of the better
TCP/IP's for VMS. For today's trivia, TGV was an acronym for Two Guys and a

Thanks to some help from list member Antonio Carlini, I am now up with VMS
and Multinet, NFS, C and a few other items on a VAXstation 4000-90.
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