new acquisition: an 11/73 running RSX-11 v4.6 and a question on cihper tapes & CDC SMD disks/controllers

From: Jeffrey Sharp <>
Date: Sun Dec 8 12:26:00 2002

On Friday, December 6, 2002, John A. Dundas III wrote:
>> Printronix P6000 ~400lpm line printer (biiig data center cabinet .. dot
>> matrix, circa-1985)
> I could be wrong, but I think that's a P600. The 600 lpm version of the
> P300 (otherwise identical). I broke my back (literally) on one of these.

My local university surplus in Oklahoma has a P300 on sale for $20. It's in
decent but dusty condition, and one of the casters is borken. I'd buy it,
but I'm (still) short on cash, and I already have a big drum printer that
beats the P300 in cool factor. (It's not made by 'Data Products Corp.' but
instead by 'Data Printer Corp.').

They also have two NeXT laser printers, but they're priced at $50 each. I
think that's a little too high.

Jeffrey Sharp
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