OpenVMS VAX hobbysit CD

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Sun Dec 8 12:30:01 2002

> > The question that I have is:
> > Compaq, and now HP, say that all versions of VMS and layered are
> > licenseable under the Hobbyists system. I have a couple of machines on
> > which I'd rather run v5.5, or maybe v6.2.
> > Does anybody know how to get Hobbyist PAKs for the older versions?
> Umm, I've been able to just load the 'new' PAK's that they provide on a
> system running VMS 5.1 (and maybe the one running 5.3, but not sure I've
> done that yet). Basically, the PAKs don't care what version of VMS you
> have.

The Hobbyist licenses all use encoding method one for the
checksum, so they should work on any version of VMS with
LMF (unless a later version drops method one, which I don't
see happening).
Eric Dittman
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