KIMplement for the C64

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Mon Dec 9 05:35:00 2002

> > I want to play with this on my Apple ][.

> The core is portable, anyway. The remaining hardware emulation uses sprites
> and a few other tricks which might be a bit harder but still doable.

Well, again, porting it to an Apple II type machine is the way to
go. Every out of the Box IIgs is a 2.8 MHz 65816 and a plain IIc+
is a 4 MHz 65C02 and therefore more suitable - geting the emulated
Microcess down to 7 minutes per turn will be a quite nice thing...
And then there are the 4 and 8 MHz Zip Chips and the 5 and 10 MHz
Rocket Chips for plain Apples. Not to speak of the TransWarp CPUs
for the GS.


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