SCSI 9-Track tape under VMS..?

From: David HM Spector <>
Date: Tue Dec 10 14:04:07 2002

I finally pulled the tape drive off of the vax and connected it to a
Linux machine... which can't see it. I suspect either an internal
cabling problem (loose cable, etc) or bad SCSI card on the drive. I
found an old exebyte drive which I mounted in a case and threw on the
VAX and it saw it. Arrrgggh. Of course if I had tried some
relatively known working device 1st time I would have saved myself a
few hours of wasted time. But, of course, where would be the fun in
that..? :-)

On Tuesday, Dec 10, 2002, at 14:22 America/New_York, Antonio Carlini

>> With terminators on 1) the 2nd ports of the HP88780B and on the 2nd
> port of the KZSA I got nuthin'
> This, I guess, is how it is supposed to be connected.
>> However, when I pull the terminators from everything, I get:
>>>>> show scsi
>> SCSI Adaptor 0 (761300, SCSI ID 7)
> I assume you don't have the tape set up as ID 7?
> Things would get pretty upset if you did that!
> Do you have any other known good SCSI device that
> you can drop onto the KZQSA (on its own) to see
> verify that the KZQSA itself is good? A CD-ROM drive
> would be ideal but even a disk would do.
> Antonio
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