One more screwup with the Ace...

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Date: Tue Dec 10 18:34:00 2002

On Dec 10, 22:36, Philip Pemberton wrote:
> wrote:
> > On things like that, I often don't even try to rescue any suspect ICs
> > or even passives, just cut them off close to the PCB with a very fine
> > pair of sidecutters, and then desolder the stub of pin.
> That's what I've been doing. I've been desoldering using "Soder-Wick" - I
> got a small reel of it for 90p.

You'd be much better off using a nice BIG solder sucker. Wick is really
good for removing excess solder, say from a "generously" reworked SMT
device, but not ideal for common-or-garden ICs.

> In order to
> limit damage to the ICs due to heat, I gave them a quick blast of freeze
> spray and then soldered them.

I hate to say it, but that's not a good idea. IC's don't mind heat if it's
evenly applied (think infra-red reflow oven) but thermal shock can break
seals etc.

> > How adept are you
> > with a soldering iron?
> Six years of experience, three with a Maplin elcheapo, three with my
> XS25 (25 watt).

Well, at least it's not one of those nasty Antex 15W irons, but I prefer a
50W temperature-controlled iron. The risk with a small iron is that the
tip cools down as you put it on the work, and the lower-wattage irons can't
heat it up very quickly again. Result is that the joint isn't really hot

> > Did you get the 2114s and Z80 I sent you? They should have arrived
> > this morning.
> Yup, they arrived this morning. Fitted them and the random, static
> has been replaced with scrolling garbage. Grr...

Well, it's *some* improvement :-)

> As for your offer to have a look at it, I might just take you up on it.
> got a schematic for it (drawn by Bodo Wenzel) for a clone of the Ace,
> bits are different, 90% of it is the same though.

OK. I'll mail you my address and phone number off-list, and maybe we can
get together.

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