One more screwup with the Ace...

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Date: Tue Dec 10 18:35:33 2002

On Dec 10, 23:14, Philip Pemberton wrote:
> Dwight K. Elvey wrote:
> > If you use a solder sucker, don't use a small one.
> > Use one with as big a bore and stroke as you can find.
> Hmm... I've got an Antex ( "PRO-DESOLD" black desolder pump
> my toolbox. I take it that would be better than a roll of Soder-Wick

Depends how big it is; the bigger the better (within reason). Practise on
a board you can afford to live without, and see. The syringe-style sucker
I keep in my kit in the car, and the one I keep most handy on the bench,
are about 1" diameter and about 9" long. I have a much smaller one
somewhere, but it's so long since I last used it, I couldn't tell you

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