PDP11/44 system mains current

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_panix.com>
Date: Wed Dec 11 18:35:00 2002

  As a working example:

  I have an 11/44, FPP, 2MW, 2 DZ11, RLV11, Dilog ESDI card.
 1 RL02
 2 5 1/4" ESDI drives in a PDP11/23 chassis of all things.

  All this is in an H960 with the usuall DEC power control box...

  all of it plugs into an outlet in my dini^H^H^H^H machine room, which is
on a 15 A breaker... I have yet to amprobe it, but if it's more than 8A
at 120 I'd be quite surprised.

  Now, when I get the Kennedy 9100 and another RL02 hooked up, and an

  sigh. it never ends.

  Cheers and ZZZZaaaappp!

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