The Ne[w|utered] HP (was: RE: The effects of employment)

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Dec 12 15:35:01 2002

> Oh, not even! HPPA (which is a great platform IMO) is being phased out in
> favor of Itanium. They're keeping HPUX and porting it to Itanium, but so far
> the results are less then spectacular...I had an Itanium2 demo machine with
> HPUX 11i, and it couldn't configure its network right half the time (though
> it would always think it did) and couldn't use the graphics console. Which
> the sales guy didn't TELL me, so I was sitting here thinking, "why does this
> thing start to load the kernel then hang EVERY TIME? this is supposed to be a
> working release!" I finally talked to one of their engineers who said "oh
> yeah, that doesn't work yet...use serial console...he didn't tell you that?!"
> and this is supposed to demonstrate their "commitment to HPUX on Itanium" and
> all that horseshit...right...
> - Dan Wright

Were you told it was production ready? Plus how long ago was this?
Itanium2 systems haven't been available that long, and it's understandable
for it to take a while to get everything working right. I'm guessing Linux
is a far easier port than HP-UX, as HP-UX has to deal with a bunch of new
hardware, while a lot of the hardware is familiar to Linux.

What little I've seen of the HP Itanium2 machines they look very nice, far
better than the Itanium boxes. Unfortunatly I've not gotten to play with
any of them.

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