The Ne[w|utered] HP (was: RE: The effects of employment)

From: Dan Wright <>
Date: Thu Dec 12 16:00:01 2002

Zane H. Healy said:
> > Oh, not even! HPPA (which is a great platform IMO) is being phased out in
> > favor of Itanium. They're keeping HPUX and porting it to Itanium, but so far
> > the results are less then spectacular...I had an Itanium2 demo machine with
> > HPUX 11i, and it couldn't configure its network right half the time (though
> > it would always think it did) and couldn't use the graphics console. Which
> > the sales guy didn't TELL me, so I was sitting here thinking, "why does this
> > thing start to load the kernel then hang EVERY TIME? this is supposed to be a
> > working release!" I finally talked to one of their engineers who said "oh
> > yeah, that doesn't work yet...use serial console...he didn't tell you that?!"
> > and this is supposed to demonstrate their "commitment to HPUX on Itanium" and
> > all that horseshit...right...
> >
> > - Dan Wright
> Were you told it was production ready? Plus how long ago was this?
> Itanium2 systems haven't been available that long, and it's understandable
> for it to take a while to get everything working right. I'm guessing Linux
> is a far easier port than HP-UX, as HP-UX has to deal with a bunch of new
> hardware, while a lot of the hardware is familiar to Linux.

Not production ready, but it was supposed to be close enough that I could test
some of our scientific software on it. It wasn't even close, given how often
it would fall off the network and do other weird things, like spontaneously

> What little I've seen of the HP Itanium2 machines they look very nice, far
> better than the Itanium boxes. Unfortunatly I've not gotten to play with
> any of them.

Well...definitly better then the Itanium boxes. But it's pretty much a big PC,
with the build quality that would imply. kind of disappointing, compared to
their older workstations...

I'm really just disappointed overall with their decision to kill Alpha and
PA-RISC. Itanium really isn't that good, at least not yet, and they're going
to lose a LOT of customers by doing it.

- Dan Wright

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