Interesting Tim O'Reilly article.

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Date: Fri Dec 13 04:04:01 2002

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> > As seen on Slashdot; an decent read. I'll have to admit that I agree
> > with much of what O'Reilly has to say here:
> > <>
> >
> I became dubious as soon as he trotted out the "sample-then-buy"
> myth. While
>this argument might not have been laughable 4-5 years ago before CD
>burners were
>cheap and widespread, it's preposterous today. The rest is largely "blame the
>victim" drivel in the form of

Road Runner, my underlying ISP is pushing a service called Rhapsody, which
I caught the last few days of before it went to paid (like $10 a month and
99 cents a burnt track, unlimited radio and specific song streams at decent
bit rates). I've bought like 5 CDs from using that (Sneaker Pimps, Becoming
X, Blue Man Group, Audio, Itzhak Perleman live in the fiddlers house, and
more). It was just so neat to use, about a second of delay between clicking
on any song and it starting and playing full length, fast searches, and
three windows open, Rhapsody, allmusicguide, and ebay or BMG etc.

Open text is really growing too, My wife is glued to her Palm M515 (tiny
and convenient), which has about 4 books in at all times.

Now the point I wholely agree on, the top 40 mainstream artists are going
to get ripped off, to some extent, but for everybody else its the lifeblood
of exposure. My belief is that Sony et al are not worried about bootlegs of
Brittany Spears as much as having NO CONTROL over who the public picks as
the next pop start.
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