Interesting Tim O'Reilly article.

From: Wayne M. Smith <>
Date: Fri Dec 13 00:20:01 2002

> As seen on Slashdot; an decent read. I'll have to admit that I agree
> with much of what O'Reilly has to say here:
> <>
 I became dubious as soon as he trotted out the "sample-then-buy" myth. While
this argument might not have been laughable 4-5 years ago before CD burners were
cheap and widespread, it's preposterous today. The rest is largely "blame the
victim" drivel in the form of
stealing-it-from-you-until-you-do" -- or as O'Reilly cutely puts it "Give the
Wookie what he wants." If you buy that, then you probably subscribe to that
mainstay of the hacker apocrypha that Jon Johansen created DeCSS because he
wanted to view DVDs on a Linux machine. Right.

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