New finds this week / Cheap to a good home

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Fri Dec 13 10:11:00 2002

I managed to get a few fun things to play with this week - courtesy of
Purdue University Salvage/Surplus

** Finds **

Lear-Sigler AMD-3A+ **actually working** (compared to my ADM-5) $free
4 x Pioneer CD CDV LD Player CLD-2400 (LaserDisk player) $free

2 x SYMBIOS RAID arrays - 10 drives/controller, 2 controllers/array
        with the 4GB narrow scsi drives in it, total of 144GB of RAID-5
        pulled from an NCR Teradata (worldmark 5100M) system
2 x NCR Worldmark 5100M nodes with 4GB Ram, 32xPentium Pro 200MHz
        processors each. Now, it's time to help with its Linux port -
        doesn't quite boot yet. Features a pair of 32bit Microchannel
        busses per node. Technically, I guess, it's still Purdue's, but
        I get basically exclusive access to it (and free power/network).

I'm thinking about going back to grab a pair of marked 'BAD' ADM-5's from
there that might be useful for parts to repair my ADM-5.

** Cheap to a good home **

Assuming all the Laserdisk players all work - they just have a few
cosmetic scratches - I'm willing to part with two of them. First two
replies get them for $10 + shipping. If they don't all work (as far as I
can tell without owning a laserdisk - they should also play CDs) then I'll
be offering less of them I guess...

Lafayette, IN, USA
Purdue Universtiy ITAP/RCS
Information Technology at Purdue
Research Computing and Storage
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