BBC Acorn

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Dec 13 10:14:00 2002

At 10:06 AM 12/13/02 GMT, Pete wrote:
>How many (EP)ROMs are in it? Do they have any numbers on them?

   There are five sockets in a row (IC71 - IC75) but IC 75 is empty. IC 71 is an EPROM but the label in missing. IC 72 is a Hitachci PROM marked HN613128PD11 View2-1 Japan (c)ACORNSOFT, IC 73 is an EPROM and is marked DNFS 201666, IC 74 is an EPROM and is marked US BASIC 201667. Behind that row is IC 52, it's marked VI (I THINK, it's stylized and hard to read), then 403 V 2006 VC 2023 201647 (c)ACORN COMPUTER KOREA-AE. I think that's all of the custom ICs.

>> OK thanks for the pointers. I searched the net but found so many
>sites that I haven't had time to go throught them all.
>If you're looking for repair information, the ones I listed are good places
>to start. You might also consider joining the BBC mailing list. If you
>want to, send a message with "subscribe bbc-micro" in the body, to
>majordomo at
>> Nope, that's not what I got. It didn't say anything about BBC or
>Microcomputer or the amount of memory and it definitely said "OS" twice. I
>did get the beep then the speaker had a slight buzzing in it. (Possible due
>the the failing capacitor in the PSU). I was in the process of checking
>the PSU outputs for noise when the cap blew. It was quite noticeable!
>Maybe they changed the banners more than I thought.
>> Actually I didn't get a cursor. I wasn't sure if it was supposed to
>have one or not.
>Yes, you should.

    Hmm. Sounds like it's not finishing the boot sequence.

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