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Date: Sat Dec 14 09:32:00 2002

On Fri, 13 Dec 2002, Wayne M. Smith wrote:

> > I reward artists that make music I like by buying their albums. I suspect
> > I am not alone.
> >
> You are in the vast majority, but it only takes a small minority engaged in
> theft to turn the economics of the business upside down. The LA Times ran an
> article last week where they interviewed college students about music buying
> habits. Student after student stated that they hadn't bought a CD in a few
> years, and offered all the usual justifications -- greedy recording industry,
> rich artist, etc. No one mentions all the employees -- who rely on those greedy
> artists et al. for jobs -- who have been laid off as sales have turned down.

As others have pointed out, what are the alternatives? Offer a viable,
reasonably affordable alternative and the customers will come. Cling
pathetically to an increasingly outmoded business model and you will be
relegated to the dustbin of history.

> > Yes, I buy that. There is nothing wrong with DeCSS, just like there is
> > nothing wrong with a radio scanner, a lockpick set, a gun, etc. They are
> > all just tools.
> >
> I agree, in general. But you could say that a nuclear device is a tool as well.
> It's all in that "how you use it" thing.

Exactly. So then I take it you agree there was nothing inherently wrong
with creating DeCSS, but in how it is used?

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