Vintage Intel Markings

From: Jim Kearney <>
Date: Mon Dec 16 10:21:00 2002

> I looked at this picture and saw the "1602" die marking. The Intel
1602 was a PROM and not an >EPROM and other than being non-eraseable was
completely compatible with the 1702. I suppose they >used the same die but
in different packaging. I'm guessing that your 1702 is an early one. I just
sold a >1602 to a collector, I think it was the only one that I had ever

According to the MCS-8 book, "The four devices 1601, 1602, 1701 and 1702 use
identical chips. The 1601 and 1701 is operable in both the static and
dynamic mode while the 1602 and 1702 is operable in the static mode only.
Also, the 1701 and 1702 has the unique feature of being completely eraseable
and field reprogrammable. This is accomplished by a quartz lid that allows
high intensity ultraviolet light to erase the 1701 and 1702."
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