1977 Apple II for sale.

From: Ernest <ernestls_at_attbi.com>
Date: Mon Dec 16 10:28:00 2002

Based on the amount of emails that I received from all over the world, about
this auction, I was a little surprised that it didn't end at a higher price.
This kind of thing happens all the time. I'm not interested in Altair's, or
even Apple I computers but people are willing to spend a lot of money to own
them. To each his own. I'm happy for them. Sometimes, people really want
something and they are willing to pay large amounts of money to get it. I
know that I've been guilty of doing that and I can think of very few times
when I regretted it. Apple II clones are my obsession, and there have been
times when I spent way more than I could logically justify to get them but
so what. It's my money.

One interesting thing about this auction is the amount of "buzz" that it
generated. Now, a lot of people know about this very computer, number 2000,
and people have a way of turning objects into "items of importance" over
time if for no other reason than because there was a "buzz" about it. If
this computer is ever displayed at an event like the VCF, people will talk
about it because it's "that" computer. In a way, all this hubbub may have
increased it's value even further. Hehe.

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