1977 Apple II for sale.

From: Chad Fernandez <fernande_at_internet1.net>
Date: Mon Dec 16 12:00:23 2002

Ernest wrote:
> Based on the amount of emails that I received from all over the world, about
> this auction, I was a little surprised that it didn't end at a higher price.
> This kind of thing happens all the time. I'm not interested in Altair's, or
> even Apple I computers but people are willing to spend a lot of money to own
> them. To each his own. I'm happy for them. Sometimes, people really want
> something and they are willing to pay large amounts of money to get it. I
> know that I've been guilty of doing that and I can think of very few times
> when I regretted it. Apple II clones are my obsession, and there have been
> times when I spent way more than I could logically justify to get them but
> so what. It's my money.

I think I agree with what your saying. If a person really wants a
certain Apple // in a certain condition with certain manuals,
peripherals, etc, then only that person can determine how much it's
worth to him.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA
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