The Ne[w|utered] HP (was: RE: The effects of employment)

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Date: Mon Dec 16 19:05:37 2002

On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, Dan Wright wrote:

> Well...definitly better then the Itanium boxes. But it's pretty much a big PC,
> with the build quality that would imply. kind of disappointing, compared to
> their older workstations...
> I'm really just disappointed overall with their decision to kill Alpha
> and PA-RISC. Itanium really isn't that good, at least not yet, and
> they're going to lose a LOT of customers by doing it.

I'm hoping the silver lining to this dark cloud is that it causes more
POWER and UltraSPARC machines to sell, driving those prices even further

Peace... Sridhar
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