Sharp MZ-80B boot disk

From: Adrian Vickers <>
Date: Mon Dec 16 19:38:00 2002

Does anyone have a working boot disk for a Sharp MZ-80B?

I went to use mine for the first time in a few months, and all of the disks
are either reporting "Not a Master" or "Read Error". Since I *know* that at
least 3 /should/ be bootable[1], there is clearly something awry with
either the disks or drives. I'm going to try my spare set of drives
tomorrow, but if that doesn't work then I'm stuck :(


[1] One of them I made myself, used it, and even labelled it "80B Boot
Disk". And that reports "Not a master" now. Grrrr. :(
Cheers, Ade.
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