RS232 or Parallel port based keyboards and joysticks

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Mon Dec 16 19:41:00 2002

 I usually use my laptop as a RS232 terminal. With a
little software, you can even emulate a parallel keyboard
from the printer port.
 Joysticks are a completely different issue. Some Joysticks
are digital while others are analog. Most that I know of
don't connect to RS232.

>From: "Ram & Suganthi M." <>
>Does anyone know where I can get a keyboard that either plugs into an RS232
>/ RS422 or Parallel Port? Ditto for a joystick. I want to connect a
>keyboard to a transputer array for stand-alone operation and I already have
>RS232 / Parallel ports on the array.
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