Sharp MZ-80B boot disk

From: Adrian Vickers <>
Date: Tue Dec 17 19:54:00 2002

At 00:05 18/12/2002, you wrote:

> > Does anyone have a working boot disk for a Sharp MZ-80B?
> >
> > I went to use mine for the first time in a few months, and all of the
> disks
> > are either reporting "Not a Master" or "Read Error". Since I *know*
> that at
>When _all_ your disks seem to fail at once, I'd suspect something else
>(unless you know some idiot has waved a large magnet over the disk box or

Well, they were mostly sat on the airconditioner.... However, as you may
have seen my followup, it turned out to be something else...

>Maybe a drive problem (dirty heads, alignment, logic
>failure), a cable problem,

That's the one - dodgy cable and/or connector: Using my emergency backup
cable solved the trouble instantly & completely. I can now boot to both

Cheers, Ade.
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