Computers with ports coming out the front?

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Tue Dec 17 20:15:00 2002

> Didn't the IBM PCjr have two aux sockets on the front for game cartridges
> and I thought there was a printer interface that could use those sockets,
> and a floppy drive interface as well (could be wrong).

I'm hesitant to say that ANYTHING is impossible, nor never existed.
But the only thing that I have ever seen the front sockets of the Jr used
for was ROM cartridges.

The printer interface(s) for the Jr consisted of a built-in (port in
back) serial interface (along with a serial "PCJr printer"), and a
parallel port option in sidecars (IBM did one that was just a parallel
port, most others did multi-function)

There was no "external" connector for floppy interface on the Jr. until
you did what most of us did, and cut a hole in the case.
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