AlphaServer 2000/300 aka Jensen

From: Don Mitchell <>
Date: Wed Dec 18 13:02:01 2002

I've got one of these that I used extensively a
few years ago (superceded by AS300 4/266 and
then a C*q DS10) that won't do anything at all.
No SRM console comes up.

Problem is that about 3 years ago I removed the
memory, which consisted of what it came with
(DEC standard 32 MB) plus a 64 MB set which I
believe was actually an IBM product. When I
took the faithful 2000 out of service I put as
much of its memory as I could into the AS 300
4/266, and gave the AS300 it to a client (out of
state). When I went back to the 2000 to get it
ready to give away to a student group that wants
to run Linux on it, I realized that I'd removed
all of the memory and could not remember how to
populate the slots. I do remember that when I
put the 64 meg in it wouldn't work at first, but
Field Service told me I had to interleave the 8
mb sticks and the 16 mb sticks.

So, I'd be grateful if anybody could answer
these questions:

1. How are the 8 slots populated, normally?
2. Should I see the SRM even with no memory, or
memory incorrectly installed?
3. Is "54-21246-FA" (2MX33) DEC memory AS2000
memory or AlphaStation 200 memory? (I've had a
few of those around the shop over the years).

Thanks in advance. I'm glad I found this group.
I started my business with a VT103 / RX02 / RT11
v3 combo, went through Micro-11/23, then 73,
then MicroVAX 3100, AS2000, AS300, and now the

Don Mitchell
Received on Wed Dec 18 2002 - 13:02:01 GMT

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