The ACE is recovering :-)

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Date: Wed Dec 18 13:02:36 2002

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> AFAIK most of the complete ACEs were sold by Boldfield. They had a few
> 'special deals' to students where they threw in a lot of games tapes, etc
> (how do you think I ended up with the games ;-)).

Good stuff - do you mind if I add this to the Ace page in the museum?

> A few years ago I met the chap who'd bought the rights to the ACE
> firmware. I obviously can't speak for him, but he struck me as a true
> hacker (I met him at a talk I was giving on the PDP11/45 -- non-hackers
> don't normally come to talks about processor microcode...). I would
> therefore be suprised if he had any objections to reasonable hackish use
> of the firmware (such as keeping backups, etc).

Smart - I like people like that :)


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