PDP11/44 update, dead wierd fan (35VAC, 75Hz)

From: Glen S <glenslick_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed Dec 18 20:17:00 2002

Well I managed to get a M7095 module ($25 plus shipping) for the PDP11/44 I
recently acquired and now I can connect to the console >>> prompt after
powering it on. Plus I figured out how to execute the firmware utility on
the CMD CDU-720 (anyone have docs for this board?) so it appears that the
system is fairly functional.

However, after a while I noticed that some of the modules seemed to be
running rather hot and then I noticed that one of the three fans is not
working. I pulled out the fan tray and found that I can manually spin up
the two good fans with little effort but the bad fan sticks and won't spin.

These fans are labeled Torin TA450 Model A3102-10 35VAC 75Hz. Anyone know
where a replacement fan could be obtained?

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