PDP11/44 update, dead wierd fan (35VAC, 75Hz)

From: R. D. Davis <rdd_at_rddavis.org>
Date: Wed Dec 18 20:39:00 2002

Quothe Glen S, from writings of Wed, Dec 18, 2002 at 06:19:20PM -0800:
> These fans are labeled Torin TA450 Model A3102-10 35VAC 75Hz. Anyone
> know where a replacement fan could be obtained?

What you don't need is a replacement fan. :-) I had a similar problem
when I got my 11/44 several years ago; Tony Duell kindly instructed me
on the _proper_ way to solve this problem. From memory: all that you
need to do is disassemble this fan, and the other fans, soak the
bearings in mineral spirits to clean them, relubricate the
bearings/bearing race with white lithium grease and reassemble the
fans. Do this with all of the fans, working or not.

Tony, if you're reading this, is my memory about what to use for that
procedure correct? ...somewhere I've still got my notes/e-mail from
several years ago, but would have to do some digging to find it.

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