AlphaServer 2000/300 aka Jensen

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Thu Dec 19 16:06:00 2002

> > Thanks, Huw. It came up with 4 sticks of 4 MB 36bit memory, placed n
> > alternate slots down from the top. I now think that it won't ever come
> > up w/o 4 sticks of something -- I had 2 sticks of 16mb memory (the other
> > 2 went into the 300 4/266) and I guess it just won't boot w/o 4 sticks.
> >
> > Thanks again. Now the kids can have it and do their Linux thing. I'll
> > chase down some memory, or they can.
> The AS 1000 series also has a tricky memory scheme. It actually requires 5
> SIMMs per bank. It uses the first 4 as one would normally expect, and uses
> the 5th for ECC.

I got a "defective" AS1000A at a very low price. The "defect"
was putting the memory in the wrong set of slots.

Also, early 1000A systems also use five SIMMs per bank, but later
1000A systems just use four x36 SIMMs per bank. I did find with
my early 1000A system I could use four x36 SIMMs in each bank
rather than five SIMMs in each bank.
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