Thing to check before powering up DEC VT100

From: Ian Primus <>
Date: Fri Dec 20 21:27:01 2002

I just acquired a new, unused DEC VT100 terminal. I have not plugged it
in yet, because I am a little weary about firing up a piece of 20 year
old hardware that has never been turned on before. Something tells me
that there are probably some dried up capacitors lurking in there
somewhere, just waiting to blow as soon as I flip the switch. Visual
inspection really can't tell me anything here, there won't be any burn
marks or blown caps in something that has spent it's entire life
wrapped in plastic. What areas in particular should I check? Are there
any parts that are prone to failure in these terminals? Thanks in

Ian Primus

PS - On a similar note, does anyone know of someplace online that I can
find a VT100 keyboard? I have one here, but it's in really terrible
shape - very yellow with the name of a school written on it. It works,
save for the "Return" key that normally takes two presses to register,
but I would like to find something in a bit better shape and with all
the keys present and accounted for.
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