Brag: Scope probes

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Fri Dec 20 23:11:02 2002

Tothwolf wrote:
>Unfortunately, most of the P6120 probes are missing the slip-on clip and
>ground leads, so I appear to have some more searching ahead of me. Only
>one probe has a ground lead, which has obviously been damaged and repaired
>by a previous owner. I suspect and hope that the ground leads and clips
>will be easier to find than the rest of the probe. Does anyone know
>offhand of a source for these parts? I don't expect Tektronix to have the

Why not just connect a test lead with banana plug at the 'scope end,
an an alligator clip on the other end, to the ground connector on the
'scope and use that? Works for me. I've always found the ground
leads attached to probes of 'scopes to be too short and useless
anyway... not really worth bothering with. Alternately, can't you
just solder a wire, with an alligator clip on the other end, to the
'scope's probe? None of my 'scope probes have ground wires, other
than the cable shielding, connected to them, and this has resulted in
no problems during the past couple of decades.

Is there something that I'm overlooking?

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