Sharp MZ-80B boot disk

From: ben franchuk <>
Date: Sat Dec 21 00:30:00 2002

John Allain wrote:

> And what do we look like to outsiders when we run
> 440V Mainframes to do a P200's job? Hopefully
> the idea of running such things +AF8-full time+AF8- is only
> a joke.

Running windows I have yet to see a PC run full time
with out crashing. PC's with the latest GUI software
still boot up the same speed as CP/M on a 4mhz z80.
What I wonder does a classic computer with 1.2 uS
core memory that ran for 20+ACs- years and a dumb terminal
provide more useful work than one with 20 us memory
access and a 2 year life span that crashes on a mouse click
at the wrong time?
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