HP/UX 10.20

From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Sun Dec 22 14:06:00 2002

  I've been a little slow in beginning this project, and I apologize to
y'all who have been waiting patiently.

  My year-end slam has finally quit, and I have time to play with toys.
I do have Jay West's HP/UX v10.20 media in hand, and will be imaging and
testing copies this week. I have 8xx and 7xx machines available for
verification; anything else is your guess.

  I should be able to ship the first week of January.

  Jay sent me a list of requests for back-up or replacement media, and
I'll be contacting each of you today or tomorrow off-list. If you had
asked, and don't hear from me by Tuesday, please contact me off-list.
Or, if you need a replacement set of 10.20 media and didn't ask before,
let me know.

  This is NOT a warez offer, either on Jay's part or mine. If you ask
for a backup set, I will assume that you have satisfied any licensing

  I'll be asking for the cost of media & shipping as well - about $2.50
US per CD and about $6 per DDS tape, depending on the current price of
media. There are 8 CDs and 3 4mm DDS tapes. That's based on USPS Media
Mail rates. International or priority may be a little extra.

  Please take all further correspondence off-list, so as to keep the
S/N ratio up.

  Happy Holidays to everybody!

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