microcontroller geeking, a new list is born

From: Dave McGuire <mcguire_at_neurotica.com>
Date: Sun Dec 22 14:18:22 2002

   (I suppose "geeking" could be considered a word. ;))

   Hi folks.

   For some time now, Philips has had a mailing list intended for
discussion of their 8051-architecture products. It was very poorly
run, and there were many complaints about slowness, duplicate postings,
etc, but it was a popular list nonetheless. A few days ago, they
announced that they'd be moving the list to a web-based forum, and
everyone screamed. Fortuitously, many weeks prior, I had set up a
mailing list called "microcontrollers" on my mail server, but hadn't
told anyone about it.

   Well, you can see where this is going...As expected, Philips' web
forum was dead on arrival, and there are about fifty people (and
counting) on my microcontrollers list. Mine isn't intended to be
8051-specific, but many of the first subscribers were refugees from the
Philips list cutover, so much of the traffic has been 8051-related so
far. I hope for it to be a general (but highly technical) forum for
discussion of topics related to embedded systems development.

   Anyway, since I know several of you (especially John Wren, whose name
I see all over the net in 8051 code repositories!) are into embedded
stuff, I thought I'd drop a note to the classiccmp community and let
you know of the list, and invite you to subscribe. It's
microcontrollers_at_neurotica.com, and you can subscribe by pointing a
browser at


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