VAX 11/780 anyone with some working experience out there?

From: Johnny Billquist <>
Date: Sun Dec 22 16:44:00 2002

Gunther asks some stuff about booting an 11/780 from an UDA-50.

Included is my startup file for the 8650 to boot from an UDA-50, on a
recent version of NetBSD.

And to answer a few questions...
How do you "make" this file? Well, boot some system with access to the
console and write the file onto the RX01, or use an RX01 on another system
to put the file in there.

Note that the 86x0 machines and .COM files, while the 11/78x have .CMD
files unless my memory serves me wrong. The contents should be just about
the same, though. See the comments, look at the booting of VMS to compare,
and guess the rest. :-)

As for a second RX01, I cannot help you. On the 86x0 you have a command to
say that you really want to play with a second RL02 instead of the
standard one, but it's not very easy to use, and not really ment for
customers to play with. Then again, there isn't even a DIR command on the
86x0 console (nor a command file to do the same).

As for copying the RX01. Install VMS on a drive, and play with that. You
have a command file for making copies of the console media there.


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