WTD: TMS2532, HN462532 or 2732 EPROMs

From: pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com <(pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com)>
Date: Sun Dec 22 17:35:00 2002

On Dec 22, 22:36, Tony Duell wrote:

> I would have to hunt for them, but I might have a couple of new Hitachi
> 462532s in the OTP (plastic) package. I bought them to repair a digital
> LCR meter, and then found that the one thing that had not been 'got at'
> was the EPROMs (fortunately) so I never used them.
> I have no idea if they're good, and I don't think I can easily program
> them (that was to be another project if I had to re-burn the firmware for
> the meter), but if I can find them, are they any use to you?

If Tony can provide OTPROMs, or you can get EPROMs from BG Micro, my S3
should be able to program them. I can check the Hitachi data sheets to
make sure it uses the correct parameters for OTP devices, in case they're
different from "normal" EPROMs.

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