WTD: TMS2532, HN462532 or 2732 EPROMs

From: Philip Pemberton <philpem_at_dsl.pipex.com>
Date: Mon Dec 23 05:06:01 2002

ben franchuk wrote:
> Time to get a TUBE amp, at least you can fix them. :)
You mean tube as in vacuum tube (thermionic valve)?
I'd love a valve power amp but it would need at least one Phono input, three
Aux inputs (PC, radio and CD player) and tape recorder in/out. All stereo.
Catch is, the only valve amps I've ever seen like that:
A) Look cool (but where are the Magic Eye VU meters?)
B) Keep a room warm in Winter (not necessarily a bad thing)
C) Cost a lot. We're talking ?300-?400 here...
OTOH, I *could* buy a few 1T4s or similar and a pair of EM84s and build an
amplifier myself. Now if only I could find a decent book on electronic
design that gives more than a passing "These things are obsolete" mention to
I'd also like to know how people who say that can get away with it. Valves
are still being made in the former USSR - Svetlana is one company name that
springs to mind.

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